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Granite countertops are preferred by homeowners these days due to their durability. These countertops not only add value to your home but also require less maintenance. If you are planning to modify or renovate your kitchen, we can help you choose quality granite countertops in Edmonton. At Ideal Tile & Terrazzo Ltd., we offer customized services to our customers. We carry a wide range of stylish kitchen countertop materials including granite and quartz. You can also count on us when in need of tiles for kitchen or bathroom flooring.

Since 1968, Ideal Tile & Terrazzo Ltd. has offered a large selection of granite in Edmonton that comes from all over the world, with stone coming from South America, India and Scandinavia, where it is cut out of the mountains in huge blocks that weigh up to 20 tonnes. Our indoor showroom offers you a large selection of natural stone slabs for viewing in comfort, and we also have some outside. When it comes to granite, we’re proud to be your one-stop shop. We’re equipped with everything necessary to create beautiful customized granite countertops for your home or business!

See the True Colours of Stone in Our Showroom

Because they are created by nature, all granite stone varies in colour, intensity and veining from one slab to another and even within individual slabs. The product photographs on this website are provided as an indication only. The stone experts of Ideal Tile & Terrazzo Ltd. highly recommend you visit our showroom to see for yourself how an individual stone in our extensive stock of countertop slabs can truly match your design ideas for your granite. Edmonton homeowners will love our great selection!

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Why Choose Granite Countertops?

Granite is a very hard stone, taking nature millions of years to form it. Because granite is natural, it comes in a generous selection of colours. Choose from stone with totally unique veining or granite slabs that sparkle intensely. Here are a few of the many reasons why people choose granite for their countertops:

  • Durability Granite is second only to a diamond in terms of toughness. If properly installed, granite countertops shouldn’t need replacing. They’re resistant to heat, as well as most chipping, scratching and cracking.
  • Easy to maintain – When properly installed and sealed, granite countertops are extremely easy to maintain. Cleanup is as simple as soap and water or a cleaner that’s been specifically designed for granite.
  • Unsurpassed beauty – Granite has a naturally beautiful textured appearance that remains unsurpassed by just about any other material made by man or nature.
  • Added property value – Not only do granite countertops make your home more attractive, but they also help you return on a long-term investment. Potential buyers for your home will be more likely to want to purchase your home because the savvy shopper knows granite countertops require less maintenance and are less likely to need replacing.

Perfect for Bathrooms & Kitchen Countertops: Granite in Edmonton, AB

Granite is a hard-wearing natural stone that works well for kitchens, bathrooms, work surfaces and flooring. As previously attested, granite is durable and easy to maintain. We recommend your granite countertops be sealed once a year. Sealing is a simple wipe-on/ wipe-off application. Our staff would be more than happy to assist you with additional information and in finding the right granite countertop slab for your next renovation project. You can browse our gallery section and check our products sample. Come visit us when looking for granite in Edmonton, AB – you won’t be disappointed with our wide selection!

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