Nine Reasons You Should Be Adding Quartz Countertops to Your Home

From traditional to modern styles, there is a quartz countertop pattern and colour for any kitchen or bath. If you are a design-conscious homeowner in the process of remodelling, it will be wise to choose quartz countertops for your Edmonton kitchen. Its extensive design options offer an instant facelift to any kitchen and are a popular alternative to granite and marble.

The staff of Ideal Tile & Terrazzo Ltd. are experts in custom fabrication and installation of granite or quartz countertops. They can perfectly execute renovation works, whether it’s for homes or businesses. We have a huge selection of slabs from which you can choose the right countertop for your space.

In this blog post, our expert staff discusses the reasons why you should install quartz countertops for your kitchen.

1. Easy to clean and maintain

Quartz countertops are among the most durable and easy-to-maintain materials available. They are impossible to scratch, rare to chip and don’t need any sealing. The best benefit is that they are non-porous. This means it’s very difficult for liquids to get absorbed and cause staining.

All that you need to clean your quartz countertops is a mild soap, some paper towels and water. (It’s best to avoid harsh chemicals such as bleach.)

2. Variety in design options

If you want to have endless choices when planning your countertop design, quartz may be your answer. You can choose from a remarkable variety of patterns, colours and edge designs to achieve the perfect look you desire.

Along with the standard speckled pattern from light to dark tones, many organic patterns that feature visual textures and mottled colours, patterns that look like marble and granite, stunning blacks and whites, and vibrant colours like blue or red are also available.

3. Durability

Quartz is one of the most durable materials available in the market as kitchen countertops. It’s engineered in a way that you won’t have to worry about scratching or staining and will look just as beautiful 10 years from now as it does today.

4. Value for money

While you can go for relatively less expensive countertops such as laminate countertops, do not forget that durability and quality are usually reflected in the price. Quartz countertops cost about the same as granite, you get the same look with maximum durability. With the proper installation they will last a lifetime.

5. They are sanitary

The advanced manufacturing methods used for making quartz countertops create a surface impenetrable to fungi, bacteria and viruses. This makes them one of the most hygienic surfaces you can install in your home.

6. Control over slab appearance

The uniqueness and beauty of granite countertops are also associated with the natural imperfections like unbalanced colour form one corner to another. If you are particular about uniform pattern and colour consistency, quartz countertops are the perfect choice for you as they are manmade.

7. Better ROI during sale

Features such as value for money, durability and allure of the material will ensure that you will get a great return on investment from installing quartz countertops. It will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

8. Environmentally friendly

Since quartz is an engineered material, it can be more environmentally-friendly than other types of countertops.

9. Perfect for all types of households

Quartz countertops can perform well in a wide variety of kitchens because of their various features. Let’s see a few examples:

For young couples – Quartz offers the versatility and modern style a young couple is looking for when considering long-term value and entertaining guests.

Busy families – Its durability makes it excellent for busy families with young children. Children can be rough on a home and your kitchen countertops should be able to withstand messes and frequent spills.

Seniors – Quartz countertops are durable, strong and low-maintenance. This makes them an excellent match for seniors who are looking for a countertop that lasts but does not need any maintenance. Just wash and enjoy.

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